Building to last

At One Eighty, we build everything with an eye for the long view. And the key to continued success is our strategic growth plan: focused on getting the right people in place first—and only then expanding our platform. With a foundation of strong, dedicated people, the business pipeline that follows is naturally supported and sustainable.

Senior living

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From design to development, branding to building, opening to operating, we make homes people are excited to live in, whether they are new to retirement, require assisted living, or are in need of memory care. Our collective expertise, combined with an innovative approach, has given us a long and proven history of delighted customers and business success.

Hospitality services

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Beyond housing, we believe senior living should include experiences that enhance a robust sense of self, home, and community. Our hospitality services support and augment a whole range of exciting lifestyle choices from fitness to travel, to the most important, dining.

Choice is paramount, and dining is no exception. With fresh, seasonal menus created by our talented team of chefs, some would say our meals rival those of top restaurants. And to ensure that they do, we constantly ask a group of people with exceedingly discriminating taste buds — our residents.

International development

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Because aging isn’t unique to the United States, and because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience their maturity in comfort and in style, we’ve joined forces with overseas partners to develop retirement communities around the world, all with our special stamp of fun and active living.