How we started

The One Eighty Foundation sprang from the desire of One Eighty founder Dan Madsen to channel some of his business success back into the community. He met Richard, Dwight, Tom, Joanie, and Steve while serving on the board at the Children’s Home Society of Washington more than a decade ago and discovered a mutual passion for philanthropy. In March of 2010 they joined forces and created the One Eighty Foundation, and later added Mark, Tim, and Madisen. The team looks forward to a long, productive future working to support children and families in need.

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We are excited to work with our partners and sponsors to better serve the community, knowing we are stronger together and able to apply even more focus and resources to those in need, and help drive more positive outcomes for children and families.

Frequently asked questions

What does “a new direction in giving” mean?

At the One Eighty Foundation, we tailor our support based on the needs of the community. Whether it’s a monetary grant, donation of goods or resources, or giving our time, we curate our efforts and commitments specifically to make immediate positive impact on the children, youth, and families we serve.

Where does my donation go?

100% of the money raised for our foundation is given to organizations serving children and families through specific grants, or through items we purchase for their programs. We maximize the funds so the organizations we support can concentrate on who we are serving, and capitalize on their growth to a better future. All administrative and fundraising costs of the One Eighty Foundation are underwritten by Board donations, corporate sponsors and ticket sales, ensuring 100% of individual contributions go to our programs we support.

What makes you different from other nonprofits?

We identify organizations working to meet people where they are and provide tools and resources they can use to make an immediate difference for real people in real time. We are passionately committed to positively impacting the lives of children and families facing a wide range of challenges—from special needs or abuse to foster care or homelessness—and turn those challenges into opportunities.

What kinds of support do you deliver?

We support people and organizations in ways that will make the most impact where it is needed. Support is varied and includes:

  • Monetary grants for education programs
  • Providing pajamas to foster children
  • Painting and restoring shelter
  • Cooking and providing meals for drop-in centers
  • Providing career styling sessions for at-risk graduates
  • Donating toys to children in need
Who is the giving crew?

The One Eighty Foundation’s volunteer team is recognized as the Giving Crew when we are out serving our community. Some of our activities include:

  • Prepare and provide hot meals to families living on the streets
  • Volunteer at the Holiday Carousel during the holidays to support kids in foster care
  • Prepare hot meals for homeless youth centers
  • Outfit youth with donated clothing
  • Teach youth how to find their professional and personal style when preparing for interviews
  • Paint interior of safe shelters for at-risk youth
  • Host holiday parties for homeless teens and their families
What events has the One Eighty Giving Crew hosted?
  • Hygiene Drive for families and youth living on the streets
  • Prom Drive for homeless youth
  • Back to School Drive for homeless families and youth
  • Coat Drive for homeless families and youth
  • Puzzle Drive for a safe home
Are you a true non-profit?

Yes. The One Eighty Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 public foundation funding human services primarily in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to expand and localize our support to human service non-profits where One Eighty and Leisure Care communities are located.

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Join us in making a difference for children and families in need. 100% of your donation goes directly to services that are touching real lives today.

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